Why Optimized Videos?

Why should you use optimized videos as part of your online marketing?

  • Videos increase your company's overall brand awareness.
  • Videos can increase your traffic to your website if properly optimized.
  • Videos rank on the major search engines especially Google.
  • Videos on websites can improve the user experience with a compelling message
  • Videos create stickiness as well.You want visitors to stay on your site and take action.
  • Videos can increase conversions and ROI if properly optimized for search.
  • Videos are like having a rep on your website, facebook page and twitter pages viewed anywhere and anytime, even by mobile phones.

Quotes and Notes regarding online video marketing and video SEO:

  • "More than 88.6 million people watched online video on an average day in December 2010 (up 32 percent from December 2009), while viewing sessions totaled 5.8 billion for the month (up 13 percent). The average American spent more than 14 hours watching online video in December, a 12-percent increase from last year, and streamed a record 201 videos, an 8-percent increase."  ComScore

  • "Online video ads will significantly increase. Growing consumer adoption of online video will result in a dramatic 72 percent increase in online video ad spending to $7.1 billion by 2012. More customer-centric online video applications will increase the medium’s appeal for consumers and marketers" according to Forrester research.

  • Studies show that online marketing with the use of videos is six times more effective than other online marketing efforts. The truth is only 2% of online marketing utilizes video.

  • According to a recent study by Forrester Research, when a video is properly optimized and submitted your website is 53 times more likely to generate a first page Google ranking than traditional search engine optimization techniques alone.

  • 54% of online users reported using YouTube's search to discover video.