Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Video Search Engine Marketing

DHP produces high quality optimized website videos and viral videos designed to generate traffic and possibly go viral. Viral marketing videos are meant to be viewed and shared over and over again. Viral videos can be a hit on popular video sites such as YouTube and Metacafe. A video does not have to go viral in order to be successful. If it does - you get the extra benefit of your video having "legs" of its own.

A compelling "must see" video combined with the proper VSEO  and video search engine marketing techniques gives you an advantage over your competitors. DHP produces seo optimized search videos to get your video traffic and increased views.

A successful video is one that is informative and entertaining. It also needs to be seen. A well produced video with proper video SEO will get in front of your target viewing audience. Regardless if your goal is branding or conversions, your video needs to be seen by the right audience to reach those goals.

DHP creates viral and marketing optimized videos from concept to completion. We can also optimize around your existing videos and websites to get increased relevant traffic to them. The combination of a professional video with proper video search engine marketing equals success.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Video Production Services and VSEO Online Video Marketing

Video Production Services

Videos are part of search (universal search results and video search results) and they are here to stay. They are important and popular for sharing information. If  a marketer neglects using videos they are turning away from valuable traffic sources. YouTube is now the second largest search engine.

Think of online videos as affordable commercials reaching potentially millions of people. But unlike traditional media, this audience it truly "targeted". They are searching for the information you have and want to watch your video.

DHP offers video production services in the Los Angeles area. We can create any type of video for you - comedies, documentaries, dramas, commercials, webisodes, music videos and testimonials.

Don Haderlein is a multiple award-winning writer-director including multiple Telly Awards and film festival awards.

Video Marketing

Let DHP create custom videos in HD for your website and social media. DHP can properly optimize your videos with white hat and best practice VSEO techniques and video marketing. DHP will professionally produce-direct and edit compelling videos for your website, blog or video sharing channel.

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Independent Films

Buy a copy of the multiple award-winning independent feature film Moonbeams.